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My friends and family all share a love for motorcycles. Even my mother jumped on the back, at the young age of 91. My husband took her around the neighborhood, and I could see her smiling from a block away. When she returned, she said that she had always wanted to do that, and she could now die happy.

Tolls are part of life. However, the “express” or “pre-paid” lanes are only for motorists with transponders, such as Sunpass, Pike Pass, EZ Pass, etc. While riding in groups, some friends struggled to dig out their pass and hold it in place before passing through the stations. I watched two friends drop the pass performing this tricky maneuver. Those who thought they passed through properly, later received citations. Others chose to just stop and pay cash, merge over to the side of the highway, and wait for the next group member to do the same.

One sunny afternoon, while following the stop-and-wait routine, I witnessed my friend nearly run down by a van leaving the booth. I knew there had to be a safer, easier way for us to travel.

That’s when I came up with Wrap-id Pass, a soft and weather resistant case to attach to our motorcycles. Other devices required permanent brackets, adhesives, and other alterations to the bike. My design uses a self-coiling band that attaches in one-step, stays securely in place, and eliminates the safety risks we face on toll roads.

Using Wrap-id Pass has made riding much easier and enjoyable. I felt I needed to share it with others, so we started this website and the rest is history!

Check out how easy it is to add the Wrap-id Pass to your bike!

How to quickly attach the Wrap-id Pass to your bike.

How to quickly remove the Wrap-id Pass from your bike.
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